Increase your podcast audience

Social Snippets helps you easily create top-performing snippets/quotes/audio-chunks from your podcast and publish them on Twitter so you can automatically drive more traffic to your podcast.

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We detect your podcasts as soon as they're published

The powerful machine learning behind Social Snippets will do the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is review your awesome new scheduled social posts.

Yes, it's that simple! 

Podcast to tweets machine

Our AI technology


Detects your new content

At the instant, it is published - no matter what podcasting platform you use.

Scans your podcast episode

To discover quotes, snippets, and audio chunks that will work best for Twitter 

Generates a backlink

To lead new listeners to your original episode - driving free traffic back to your podcast 

Engage with your follower

  • New episode alert
  • Single quote
  • Audio snippet

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Free

    • 1 podcast
    • 4 tweets
    • 2 episodes
  • Growth

    • 3 podcasts
    • 18 tweets
    • 6 episodes
    • Basic support
  • Pro

    • 10 podcasts
    • 50 tweets
    • 30 episodes
    • Premium support


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